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Of Wires and Wallpaper...progress continues.

We have removed all the headliner and insulation and SO MUCH WIRE! If we laid it end to end we suspect it would stretch back to Florida! (It's all being recycled.) The boat was wired based on 1967 standards, before ABYC was established and yacht systems/techniques replaced land based practices. Before modern systems and equipment, before house banks and inverters, NEMA standards, LED lighting, computers, cell phones and color TV! With each upgrade over the years more wiring was piled on top of existing…it was a rat's nest.

We are stripping everything and modernizing all systems, while still honoring the boat's historic pedigree!

We are also stripping the wallpaper, which covers almost every vertical surface. After tearing off the top layer, we spray water on the backing that's left and it scrapes off pretty easily. It's a sticky, messy job but it's revealing a nice wood surface in most places. In others, that aren't so pretty, we'll paint and/or re-paper.

Another big change is the removal of the upper cabinetry in the galley. Florida sports fishers were built without front windows to keep out the hot sun and punishing wave wash while running to the ocean fishing grounds. Of course PNW boaters want as much sun exposure as possible and forward visibility, so we will add glass to the front three panels, as has been done on many Ryboviches. Our old Egg Harbor had a similar space where our kids would climb up and play Legos...a nice memory for us.

Repair of the damaged hull continues. Next up, fiberglass overlay, new mahogany chine, keel, transom and deck repairs.

In addition to removing things from the boat, we are beginning to think about what we're going to put in it. We intend to be as environmentally conscious as possible and are leaning toward a lithium house battery and battery management system which will likely replace the original dual generators. Our painter, Sean, is excited to try out a new copper-free bottom paint. (Considering the boat name, Guinea Pig, just kidding.)

Pat summons his inner-contortionist to remove the old anchor windlass--this is one of the more accessible hatches he's climbed into.

Those are the highlights for now. Stay tuned for videos from our new GoPro cameras...once we figure out how to use them! Anyone interested in helping??

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Kimberly Olson
Kimberly Olson
02 dic 2021

Wow. Full time job, for sure! I’m still planning on my visit week of December 13th. Put me to work removing wallpape! She‘s coming along nicely!

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