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Call (360)385-400 or                               to schedule service.


SEA Marine provides rigging tuning and mast maintenance services.

For safety reasons or to enhance the performance of your boat, we will inspect, replace or update your rigging equipment. SEA offers a full range of rigging services including spring step/fall unstep, sail repair and replacement, standing & running rigging repair and replacement, winch service – repairs or replacements.


Our Roller Swagging Machine allows us to make the most durable and professional standing rigging and lifelines possible.



Rigging Services:

  • Mast Work / Finish / Wiring

  • Mast Repair or Replacement

  • Standing & Running Rigging

  • Swagging

  • Rig Tuning

  • Rig Inspections

  • Davits

  • Furling Systems

  • Customized Deck Design

  • Stanchions & Lifelines

  • Winch & Deck Hardware Services

  • Life Lines installed or Replaced

  • Rigging Evaluations & Inspections

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