SEA’s certified mechanics are well versed in most engine makes & models and work directly with customers to help them understand the complexity of marine propulsion. Our specialized services & competitive rates are designed to keep your vessel functioning at optimum performance. 

When repowering a small to midsize vessel diesel engine, our first choice is

Beta Marine because it’s the nation’s leading supplier of marine diesel engines for repowering and new boat construction. Marinized Kubota engines from the start, Beta Marine diesel engines are high performance, lightweight engines that are quiet, smooth running, fuel-efficient and built to last.

When SEA Marine repowers your vessel, you'll benefit from our skill and attention to the details. All repower services include: 


  • Planning and layout

  • Installations by the book, with proper documentation that initiates the warranty

  • Full Beta Marine sea trial

  • Education of the owner as the last and very important step

Enjoy the rewards of being our customer:

• Free 5 year installation warranty

when SEA completes the repower for you – an extension of the superior warranty offered by Beta Marine


• Full re-power services, repairs, routine maintenance

& warranty services by Certified ABYC Marine Technicians


• Complimentary Consult

We will discuss what you are replacing and your style of boating, then provide you with a complete estimate that includes associated materials needed to complete your project.

SEA Marine will help you calculate and recommend the right size propulsion engine or generator and associated materials needed for your repower.



Call (360)385-4000 or                               to schedule service.