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Let the demo begin!

Over the past two weeks, the SEA Marine crew has begun "digging in" to Lone Eagle. During the haul-out, the chine was damaged and we discovered some interesting surprises in the hull...the dry rot we expected, but boring clams?? Learn something new every day!

Boring Clams aka Ship Worms and the meaning of chine.

I happened to be in Oregon when the boat arrived--and I guess I haven't introduced myself, I'm Sara, boater by marriage (to Pat) and author of this blog (and amateur cartoonist). See- ing the boat and the state she's in after years of neglect was a bit overwhelming. But, as Pat says, we own a boatyard! And I'm definitely ON BOARD with bringing this old girl back to life. See videos below. Pat has worked with the SEA crew to begin removing stuff--the gigantic generator, the black water tanks, and miles and miles of wiring. More videos coming in a separate blog for those who want every detail.

Local wooden boat expert, Robert d'Arcy consults with Pat about hull damage and our first AFTER photo--chine/hull repair by the talented SEA crew.

The good, the bad and the ugly: haul out, moving into Navy Bldg., chine ouch, hurricane damaged bow, stern damage, generator removed from cockpit hatch (we could put another berth down there!), moldy v-berth, scary nest of wires, salon, galley, giant fridge/freezer, port bunks, master stateroom, back cockpit cabinetry...There's some good in there, right?! More demo--water tanks removed, headliner removed, miles and miles of wires pulled out, wallpaper stripped, dog bewildered.

Mama's first look...

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