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Let the demo begin!

Over the past two weeks, the SEA Marine crew has begun "digging in" to Lone Eagle. During the haul-out, the chine was damaged and we discovered some interesting surprises in the hull...the dry rot we expected, but boring clams?? Learn something new every day!

I happened to be in Oregon when the boat arrived--and I guess I haven't introduced myself, I'm Sara, boater by marriage (to Pat) and author of this blog (and amateur cartoonist). See- ing the boat and the state she's in after years of neglect was a bit overwhelming. But, as Pat says, we own a boatyard! And I'm definitely ON BOARD with bringing this old girl back to life. See videos below. Pat has worked with the SEA crew to begin removing stuff--the gigantic generator, the black water tanks, and miles and miles of wiring. More videos coming in a separate blog for those who want every detail.

Local wooden boat expert, Robert d'Arcy consults with Pat about hull damage and our first AFTER photo--chine/hull repair by the talented SEA crew.

The good, the bad and the ugly: haul out, moving into Navy Bldg., chine ouch, hurricane damaged bow, stern damage, generator removed from cockpit hatch (we could put another berth down there!), moldy v-berth, scary nest of wires, salon, galley, giant fridge/freezer, port bunks, master stateroom, back cockpit cabinetry...There's some good in there, right?! More demo--water tanks removed, headliner removed, miles and miles of wires pulled out, wallpaper stripped, dog bewildered.

Mama's first look...

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1 commentaire

Kimberly Olson
Kimberly Olson
05 nov. 2021

Well. She will be a beaut when she’s gutted. But man. You guys are brave!

(and very exciting!

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