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Noticeable changes!

Finally, after months of "undercover" work, we are engaging in projects the average observer can appreciate! All the structural rebuilding is complete and (dare we say?) dry rot repair done.

Now in, heating, ventilation, systems installation, electrical and wiring, exterior sanding and faring, painting and hatch/porthole installation...and a lot of continued bilge compartment refurbishing.

The engine room is looking great with perforated panels covering the insulation. Pat painstakingly measured and cut (and often re-measured and re-cut) the panels, SEA Marine painter, Aaron, painted them, we attached trim, then installed in comedic giant jigsaw puzzle fashion.

Pat and the SEA crew have established a floor plan, locating all the systems equipment, tanks and various mechanical items for maximum efficiency with hopefully a little room to maneuver between them.

Fiberglass work continues over all exterior surfaces.

Interior painting is in progress! Pat rebuilt the vent systems on both sides (see photo gallery below). Bob rebuilt the bow window frames and new windows are on site, ready for installation. We decided to replace just one window on each side with operable versions.

Galley cabinetry is being crafted by Robert d'Arcy Marine Services.

Systems equipment, appliances, misc. supplies and paint awaiting installation and application have taken over a room in the SEA Marine Navy Building.

A few BEFORE-DURING-AFTER collections:

After cleaning, sanding and painting, Sara requests renaming rights to the "Clay-hole," so titled when mechanic, Clay, claimed to have been the first person down there since 1967.

Engine room beautification process!

A great example of the condition of the wood and the painstaking process of cleaning up and rebuilding.

We have been away from the boat for almost 3 weeks and look forward to seeing the progress in our absence. Hopefully we'll have more to show and you won't have to wait so long for the next blog.

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1 commentaire

Peter Leviten
Peter Leviten
24 août 2023

Hello and congratulations on your beautiful restoration of Little Pete! My dad was Paul Leviten and he indeed ran Big G Supermarkets, a regional New England chain that at its height had 28 stores in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. His 2 Rybovich boats were named Little Pete - and that was - and in a sense still is! - me. Paul's

first Rybovich was a 53-footer that launched in 1967. The second was a 57-footer that launched in 1973. We had many happy and memorable fishing excursions on both boats, which were able captained by Dick Lema and Joe Moore. My dad was an accomplished deepsea fisherman who caught many swordfish, tuna and marlin on the Eastern seaboard and…

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