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Her beauty is emerging...

This post is dedicated to Bob McMurray, an amazingly talented craftsman. Bob is an ABYC certified mechanic as well as a master woodworker. His skills and knowledge have been instrumental in this restoration project. More than instrumental--we honestly couldn't have done it without him. Bob officially retired last winter after 16 years at SEA Marine, but agreed to come back for the past few months to work exclusively on our project. Bob knows everything there is to know about boats, and he views the rare occasions he doesn't know something as opportunities to learn. The beauty of this boat is emerging and it's a testament to Bob's dedication to doing a job right and doing it well. He has been integral to the planning, engineering, reimagining and rebuilding of Sequel, and we don't even know where to begin to express our appreciation. We wish Bob a very happy retirement--it's well deserved!

Below is a slideshow of the process of rebuilding and installing the boat's toe rail, bowsprit and cockpit coaming boards. All milled from beautiful teak, sourced two years ago (which was a good thing, since we discovered it's very hard to find). Some boards were 2.5" thick and 18" wide x 14' long.

Additional, not as pretty but important, work has been completed--most systems, the engine installation, the generator and battery and shore power systems have been installed. The keel worm shoe is being completed and all top side preparation, faring and priming have been completed. We've found no more termite or dry rot damage in the last a few months (whew!), all structural repairs have been made. The new carbon fiber flybridge hardtop started being laid up this week and the SS rail packages are being organized.

Our focus has shifted to the interior. Pat has rebuilt cabinet doors, drawers, crafted a hinged cabinet for the MFD at the cockpit helm station and sanded, sanded, sanded. Sara has run out of things to paint for the time being (wishful thinking...that won't last long:) and has been scraping varnish off doors and trim pieces to be refinished. The wood in the cockpit is mahogany but interior is teak (the doors are even sandwiched--mahogany on the outside and teak on the inside). The teak was stained to match the mahogany color so scraping and sanding reveals the beautiful color and grain of the teak, which we'll preserve with a clear finish. Below: mahogany door on left, teak trim piece before and after on right.

We love it when the kids come to visit!

Next--put stuff back together...and float the boat this summer!!

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