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A mystery on our hands...

The brokerage listings for Lone Eagle II stated the boat was built for CBS exec, Paul Levitan. We ordered a beautiful Rybovich book, written by Tommy Rybovich's daughter, Pat, that says the boat was built for Paul Leviten, a noted ecologist and marine biologist. The second Little Pete, hull #77, according to the book, was built for Paul Leviton. We assumed that was a spelling error. But we began to wonder...are these vowel discrepancies merely typos or are Levitan, Leviten and Leviton three different Pauls??

We contacted our new friend, Roger, whose father was Little Pete's captain, and asked him if Paul Levitan-ten-ton was a CBS News guy or a microbiology guy. He said neither! Roger tells us the original owner was Paul Leviton, who owned Big G Food Stores. We feel Roger's version is the accurate one, since he actually knew the parties involved, however we can't find any information online about Paul Leviton and Big G Food Stores (and we did try all the possible spellings). Roger says there were about 20 stores in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Roger also reports that it is not the Splendid Splinter next to the big fish in the old photo. Darn!

The boat's original ownership may be a bit mysterious, and that's OK with us, we just want to set the record straight---that the record is not straight! Kind of adds to her charm...

Meanwhile, back at the boatyard...

We continue to work on plans for outfitting the boat. At the Seattle Boat Show, we zeroed in on galley appliances, sanitation system, heating system, electronics and discovered a new electric dinghy. Our Volvo engine guys (and Service Manager Jeremy) are working us hard to repower with new D8’s and a glass cockpit…but Pat loves the distinctive hum of those old Detroits! Next week Pat will meet with a fabricator for the flybridge frame, hardtop and seating. They will also fabricate deck rails to match her original railing configuration. Hull repairs continue when our busy SEA Marine staff has time.

Rebuilding is beginning. We have procured a stack of leftover (but very valuable) purpleheart wood from NW Maritime Center that we will use to rebuild the keel. From Edensaw Woods we have sourced rough sawn wide plank teak that we will use for the toe rails and cockpit coaming and Douglas fir for deck repairs. Our woodworking guru, Bob McMurray, is ripping, planing and sanding these materials in SEA Marine’s joinery shop in preparation.

We've spent many hours designing interior and exterior layout. Pat draws plans, tapes out locations of cabinets, furniture, etc. on the boat, we consider, we measure, we come up with alternative layouts, he redraws, we consider some more. We think we're almost there. Our goal is to retain as many of the historical components as possible…while also adding modern systems and conveniences…like an ice maker and bigger bar!

Through this process it's been fun to relive experiences on our old boat, Eggsplorer, our 38' Egg Harbor--how we used the spaces, what we liked, what we wished we had--interspersed with memories of UNO games on the bow with our boys, crabbing, cruising in the San Juans with the Bakken family, sunset/cocktail dinghy rides, and of course many fabulous meals. We're not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet (actually not sure if we've even entered the tunnel yet!), but for this somewhat reluctant boater, those memories provide needed inspiration. Onward!

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Peter Leviten
Peter Leviten
Aug 24, 2023

Hello! My dad was Paul Leviten and he indeed ran Big G Supermarkets, a regional New England chain that at its height had 28 stores in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. His 2 Rybovich boats were named Little Pete - and that was - and in a sense still is! - me.The first Rybovich was a 53-footer that launched in 1967. The second was a 57-footer that launched in 1973. We had many happy and memorable fishing excursions on both boats, which were able captained by Dick Lema and Joe Moore. My dad was an accomplished deepsea fisherman who caught many swordfish, tuna and marlin on the Eastern seaboard and the Bahamas. My mother held the record for the biggest…


Love following this restoration !


Roger Lema
Roger Lema
Feb 19, 2022

her original engines were cummins VT 903 V8s rated at 370H.p> a piece

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